Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Week Part 2

Friday morning, we colored some Easter eggs with ymo.

It turned out to be a gorgeous day so we went to the park.
She didn't want to pose.

Patty Cake.

Ymoboo came later that afternoon.  We made a rib roast for dinner and Jim had some fish.   Somchun Jimmy came in late around 9pm and had leftovers.
Saturday was very cold and rainy.

Hubby flew down in the morning.  
We did not have any plans for the day so we went to Rita's for Gelati and we froze some more and then we went bowling.  I almost won but Jim slipped past me on the last frame.  
Laura bowled a little bit before getting frustrated, just like her ymo.
Boo.  I didn't want to post ymo crying too.  That's embarrassing.
That evening, the young minister from my dad's church came to the condo and lead a small service for my mom's 2nd year memorial.  There was about 30 people who came and sat cramped in the little condo.  Then we all went down the street to a Chinese buffet place for dinner.

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