Saturday, April 18, 2009


On Saturday, Laura and I went to the grocery store.  I bought an artichoke to eat for a snack and she put on her full chef gear again. I don't know why she needs the whole get-up to steam an artichoke.

I made a mayo sauce and butter for dipping.  She chose butter.

She ate a ton of it and ate most of the artichoke heart.  It was yummy.
I made her shuck some corn so that her outfit didn't go to waste.  She has been wanting to help a lot lately on almost everything.   I can't wait to show her how to scrub the floors and wash the windows.

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Yo sista said...

I remember when I was old enough, Mom asked me to help wash dishes and I made such a mess that she didn't ask me again for several years. My plan worked!