Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter week Part 1

Laura and I flew down to Philly on Tuesday afternoon.  We hung out with Hah dah buh gee. The weather was rather chilly.
We did a lot of grocery shopping and errands for most of Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday, the weather got a little warmer so I took Laura to the playground.

Later that day, we were invited to Zoe and Aaron's place for Passover dinner.  That's Mark really enjoying the conversation.
We had a traditional dinner upstairs while the kids played for most of the night in the basement.  Laura decided that she's going to join a band and go out on tour.
She just can't decide on what instrument she wants to play.
She also played with Walter for a few minutes.

Laura had a great time and didn't eat anything because she was playing with the big kids.  I, on the other hand, ate very well and drank too much Manishevitz wine.  Good times.

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