Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some gardening

Dirt + 3 year old= long hours of activity.
Laura helped me plant my potted vegetable garden today. A couple of tomato plants, peppers, strawberries and herbs.

Then she went up to her room for 1/2hr and had a complete wardrobe change. She's such a girly girl.

We ended the day with Laura meeting up with Thomas at the playground.


minsuh said...

Argghgahahaha. The video...funny.

Btw, I know I've mentioned that I totally envied her Philadelphia Phillies tracksuit (and I'm still looking for one in my size), but I think your little fashionista's got quite a refined sense of style. The color combo and proportions are to die for. Black tights with white sneaks? They made me swoon. Anna Wintour watch out! I think you should let Laura should pick your outfits from now on.

Laura's mom said...

She wants to wear a dress EVERY day. It's killing me that's she's so girly. It's still too cold for just a skirt/dress so I'm the one who puts the pants on underneath but it's a battle and I just have to let her have her way once in a while.
She wore the pink skirt with a red t-shirt that has hearts (pink and white) on the front of it that match the skirt and the white sweater (she pointed it out to me).