Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday, April 26th

I finally redeemed this gift certificate for the Langham hotel chocolate buffet.
It was insane. I gained 5lbs just walking into this place.
Our spread. This was the first of many many more plates.
This cotton candy was YUM!
Within 20 minutes, Laura was bouncing off the walls.
She couldn't sit still for 2 minutes.

We then went to the MFA and met a friend there. There was an exhibit called "art in bloom"where certain pieces of art were selected for fresh floral arrangements . It was really beautiful. Laura was still high on sugar.


Yo sista said...

How was the "crash" afterwards? She must have gone down hard! Why do you have to put her in the cute shirt I gave her when you know she's going to get stuff all over it??

Laura's mom said...

She crashed at the museum and kept asking me to carry her and if we could go home.
She gets stuff on ALL of her clothes. If I had to take that into consideration, I would just take her out naked.