Monday, October 22, 2007


Another exciting Sunday. The weather was gorgeous. Laura and I went to Lowes then the gym (playing tennis and Laura in the kids playroom). Here she is after coming home and hanging out with Matthew. They are becoming fast little friends. Thomas may start getting jealous (yeah right). Look at the 'fro!
Dinner: chicken, rice and delicata squash. Laura attacking the chicken.
Here is my new Meyers lemon tree that Ymo bought me for my birthday. I repotted it and put in front of the window. It's so cute.
Here is 1 of 2 plants that I bought from Lowes. It was in the "distressed" bin and cost 25 cents each. I cleaned it up and cut out all the dead stuff and it looks good as new. The other is an African violet plant which is also really cute.


minsuh said...

Umm. When you start taking pictures of your plants to post on your blog, it makes me think that you might need to get out more.

That said, you wanna see pictures of my dog?

Laura's mom said...

Hey, this blog is essentially one big picture show of my pet! Of course I would love to see the pooch. Maybe you'll start a new blog called "All about my doggie"!