Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More baking

Ok. I think I need an intervention. Is there a Baking Anonymous or something? Laura and I made Rhubarb-apple cake. It's a recipe that I got from here. I've made this cake before and it is one of my favorites. It is not too sweet, very light and really brings out the flavor of the fruit. I used up the last of my reserved frozen rhubarb. It's also incredibly quick and easy to make (even a 3 year old can do it!). If you go to this site, you should also try the gaspacho recipe. That is fantastic.


babibi said...

I'm impressed. Who has rhubard just lying around in the freezer? Do you have a field of corn in your backyard as well?

Laura's mom said...

I've got a supplier. One of my patients has bees and kind of a farm and will bring in stuff for me. I have tons of honey, no more rhubarb and he used to bring in fresh eggs but recently got rid of all of his chickens (boo hoo). Don't even get me started on the crazy "uncle" who's like Santa and brings us presents for every holiday.

Laura's mom said...

Literally, I had like 5 lbs of rhubarb that I went through. The thing is, it's a weed and it costs a lot at the grocery store so I can't justify ever buying it!