Monday, October 22, 2007


This girl does not like drinking milk. I've tried everything: chocolate, malt, strawberry, crack. Do you know any child who doesn't like chocolate milk?! I even bought HOT chocolate milk mix with marshmallows and she turned her nose! The only way she will drink it is plain or with strawberry Nesquick but even then, it's a process. Dang, if I could, I would drink a gallon of this stuff, every day.


Yo sista said...

Maybe have her drink it through a straw? She wouldn't taste it so much and it might make it more fun? Did you see the Jessica Seinfeld book "Deceptively Delicious" about hiding veggies in food kids want to eat (not that Laura has any problems with eating anything)? She is going to make millions with that book. Like they need the money.

Laura's mom said...

Uhhhhh, yeah. I've already tried the straw. I've tried cartwheels too but I'm telling you, she does not like milk. Maybe it has something to do with her not liking chocolate with milk. Like if she eats a cookie, she doesn't want to drink it with milk! Blasphemy! Is this really my child? Ok, she does like chocolate but NOT milk.