Sunday, October 12, 2008


Laura dressed herself today and when she came down to show me what she was wearing, I was a little embarrassed at the ensemble.  I almost made her change but after turning 40 yesterday and wallowing in my misery, I decided that I would just pretend that she was a homeless girl that I took under my wing.  She went to Target with me dressed like this.

The day was really beautiful again and Laura wanted to eat more of my cake outside.  See how happy cake makes her?
I didn't even play tennis today.  Oy!
We went to the park for almost 2 hours.  She would slide down and then we would touch fingers and shock each other.  


Yo sista said...

Hey, she's wearing the shirt I gave her! Good little girl! I'm going to head to Target, too. My ensemble isn't too different from hers!! I'm wearing my "pirate shirt". That's what Jim calls it.

Laura's mom said...

The patterns of stripes from her shirt and the blocks from the dress make me go into a seizure and did you see the brown socks with the crocs?!