Saturday, October 11, 2008

My birthday

The day was absolutely gorgeous.  Sunny and warm.  Laura wanted to play hopscotch and then we pet the neighborhood dog, Pooch.  Laura kept singing happy birthday but would sing "Happy birthday, Laura" NOT Mommy!

Nothing exciting for my birthday.  Hubby had to work tonight so it was a birthday lunch at Bugaboo Creek and a Carvel ice cream cake which I inhaled mostly on my own.  The big 40. 


Yo sista said...

I would like lunch at Bugagoo Creek and a Carvel ice cream cake, too for my birthday. Doesn't sound so bad!

minsuh said...

Happy 4-0!

Thanks for leading the way with so much style. Please tell me you inhaled the cake while wearing velour sweatpants and watching Lipstick Jungle. I feel I have so much to look forward to.

Laura's mom said...

I don't have velour sweatpants but I will make a mental note of purchasing them very soon.
I did get a giant present for my birthday. It came in the form of a festering gigantic pustule on the side of my cheek. I thought acne stopped at 39 but I was so wrong. Soooo wrong.