Monday, August 11, 2008

Dress fitting

Laura and I drove down to NYC on Friday night.
I bought her this huge Princess activity book that actually has numbers and letter so I can justify indulging her girliness as long as I think she's learning something. (keep hope alive) We took a walk to the restaurant for brunch before going to the dress shop. Brunch was really good. Laura got a lemon cupcake for dessert which we shared with everyone.
Then we all had our fittings for the bridesmaid dresses and Laura got to try on her flower girl dress. One of Laura's shots.

Then she relaxed at the dress shop on some comfy pillows.
Then we got ice cream, of course. Laura and Ymo were tired out after all that activity and walking.
For dinner we went to Iron Chef. Ymo is practicing for her best "married" expression.
The sushi was sooooo good. I couldn't eat enough.


Yo sista said...

Thanks for coming down again. I love it when you guys visit. Why are there always pictures of us sleeping??

Laura's mom said...

You should notice the recurrent theme of this blog: eating and sleeping. It's the 2 things that I love to do.