Monday, August 11, 2008

Bridal shower

I got Korean food catered for the Bridal shower. This spread was awesome.
Maddy and Laura were acting like real princesses.
Maddy and her mom.

Princess Laura
Max and his mom.

Fabulous roof deck.
Ymo is ready to chow.
Ymo ready to chow on the cake.
The game. The presents. Laura helped.

Ymo was so happy with her bridal shower. Then I got to relax a little bit before the long ride back home.


Yo sista said...

Out of all the showers I've been to, this one has got to be one of the best! And I'm not saying that just because I was the one being showered. You did such a great job. Thanks for all the hard work. Now it's time to play! DW here we come!!

Laura's mom said...

Ok sista, I must confess, I put crack in all the kalbi. That's why it was such a great bridal shower.