Saturday, May 10, 2008


Friday night, Laura and I watched The Little Mermaid for the hundredth time. Then she tucked herself in my bed and wanted to sleep with me. How could I say no to that face.

Saturday morning, after breakfast, we had cake!

Then we met up with Thomas at the park. I didn't tell her so it was a little surpise. Can you tell that she was excited?

Then we stopped over at Thomas' house.
They got to have their "special treats" even though they didn't deserve it after running off in the field at the playground.
We came home and I told Laura that I was going to make dinner so she got herself ready to help me. I made some turkey burgers that she inhaled. After dinner, we made chocolate chip cookies. Laura put the pony tails in her hair all by herself.

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Yo sista said...

It's funny to watch the video because I was on the phone with you at the time and I asked you if Thomas was just as excited to see Laura as she was to see him. And your answer is in the video!! Ha ha.