Saturday, May 24, 2008


We took the T to Chinatown for dim sum at China Pearl.

I tried chicken feet again and still didn't like it.

So did Jodi and she didn't like it either.

Thomas looking very nice and innocent. Then the chopsticks came out.
We got some mochi and bubble tea for dessert.
Laura drank all of my lychee bubble tea.
Then we walked to Boston Commons and the kids ran off in their usual fashion. My cousin was the designated runner.
There was a really nice street entertainer and Laura and Thomas got into the act.

The father of those 2 little boys in the act came up to me and said "Your son is so cute".

Then we took them to the playground at Frog Pond and walked around some more.
We came back home and made some turkey burgers on the grill and called it a day.


Yo sista said...

I can't believe Stephen and Jodi met Thomas and I haven't even met him yet!!!

Laura's mom said...

They couldn't believe it either.

Yo sista said...

It's like he's famous!

Laura's mom said...

Apparently he's a very little known international celebrity