Thursday, January 24, 2008


Laura woke up at 3am and was crying for me. She had a fever of 104 and I gave her some Motrin and took her into bed with me. She woke up around 9am and the fever had returned. I looked down her throat and her tonsils were huge and the back of her throat a little red. So, I made an appointment with her doctor for the morning. In the interim, she proceeded to vomit. All over my bed, the floor in the office as we were leaving, all over herself in the car and then right in front of the doctor. He did a swab and she has Strep. AGAIN! I know this girl is ill because he gave her a lollipop and she said "I don't want it" and then put it in the trash. I had to take a picture of that because it's unfathomable.

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Yo sista said...

Poor little girl. I feel for her so much. Now I know how horrible it is!!! Glad I didn't get it again. Whew!