Monday, January 21, 2008

New York Trip: Saturday

Laura and I drove down to NYC on Friday night. Laura slept most of the trip. This is breakfast at Ymo's place.
Rest up little girl because we have a lot to do today.

We drove to Garrison, NY to see the reception hall that they booked. It's about an hour from NYC.

Here's the restaurant attached to the reception hall.
The food was good.
Mommy and Laura in the reception hall.
We visited some local churches.
We also scoped out some places for possible wedding photos.
Laura was so scared of this dog. It was the nicest lab.
Then a quick trip to Costco before heading back to Ymo's place. A new bathing suit for Laura!
We ate dinner at our favorite sushi place "Iron Chef". Laura went to town on the tuna.
Yummmmmmy sushi.

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Yo sista said...

Thanks for coming down with Wawa! All this wedding stuff is such a pain. I wish you were closer! She is such a very, very good little girl.