Monday, August 13, 2007

Thomasina's visit

A very close friend of mine and her daughter, Thomasina, came to visit for the weekend. So not to confuse Thomasina with her Thomas, she would say, "Thomasina like a girl".

Laura surprised me with 2 things this weekend:
1. She is no longer afraid of dogs (I have no idea how this happened)
2. She can now swing all by herself (actually not as surprising since she is always on the swing at preschool when I pick her up)

Thomasina is about 6 months younger but incredibly brilliant. Her verbal skills and comprehension as well as memory are astounding.

Thomasina giving the thumbs up.

Laura swinging on her own.
Hmmm. Wonder who's gonna win this one.

We invited ourselves over to Kie's house with a bounty of sausages as a bribe.
How girly is this?

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