Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've been away

I went to Philly for a conference then a wedding in Baltimore where I picked up one of my best friends, took a trip back to Philly for a Korean senior dance then NYC to visit more friends and finally Boston. It was a jam packed event and one of the longest trips that I have taken without Laura. Laura stayed home with her father. Here she is ready to go out to dinner in her coat because it has been cold and rainy.

We took my friend to West which has great atmosphere and very mediocre food.
Here's my girlfriend reading a book to Laura.
I told Laura that I was driving my friend to the airport and she asked "Is mommy coming back?". Boy I missed this little bugger.


John said...

So I can expect lunch next week again?

Laura's mom said...

Sorry John. Starting my new diet and the food will not be to your liking. You'll probably lose more weight than me. I hate that.