Sunday, July 01, 2007

June 30, 2007

Southwick's Zoo in Mendon,MA
We spent the day with Thomas' clan at the zoo.

The petting zoo
Giraffes. Laura said "Look at the zebras!"

The fake camel

The REAL camel
The Deer Park
Laura said "I don't like Bambi"!

There were random acts of hugging and holding hands. I think it's getting serious. Then they ran off together (it was the third time)!!!
The rest of the afternoon was spent on kiddie rides. They were in toddler heaven.
They had to wait for the Moon Bounce ride. All the other kids were civil and obedient. When time was up, the man would say "1 minute" and then after that minute, "ok, time to get out". All the kids prior to Laura and Thomas left with no problems. These two almost had to be pulled out because they wouldn't get out! At least they got a few extra minutes on this one.
After the trip, we all had sushi for dinner. A great day.

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