Monday, February 19, 2007

President's weekend

I made the mistake of telling Laura (on Monday) that her aunt (ymo) was coming for the weekend. All week she would torment me with the same questions, "where's my ymo?" "I need ymo".
On Friday night, before going to bed, I told Laura that her ymo would be here when she woke up in the morning (she and her beau were getting in late Friday night). At 2AM, Laura woke up and yelled at the top of her lungs "YMO!" and I just yelled at her and said "go back to sleep!".

Another incredibly exciting weekend full of action, surprises and intrigue. (notice the period)

Ymo, Laura and I went to lunch at Lemongrass in Brookline for some Pho. Yummy.

An exciting trip to Costco!

Exotic Venezuelan cuisine with HOT sauce!

Ymo and Laura attached at the hip.
Chickenless Nuggets and a kid's video! OOOoooooh. fun.

Thanks for coming up sista and "Dim"!

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