Saturday, February 03, 2007

Plaster Fun Time

Laura and I spent Saturday doing "crafty" stuff. Look at the level of concentration in this girl!

The final product (ok, I helped a little!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura's mom, it's Darcie! I'm writing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and I miss New York and everyone, and thought I'd take a look at your blog to see what everyone has been up to. Love this blog! It's so great you keep it! Wow she's really grown up. Hope you're all well and that I will see you now and then.....say Laura hasn't seen Toronto right? Very close to Boston, no? Take good care,
(ps - it's -25 degrees FAHRENHEIT here right now).

Laura's mom said...

Hi Darcie!
I was planning to come down to NYC with Laura when the weather warms up but you won't be there! Boo. I'm sure we will meet up sometime. Toronto can't be THAT far away? Oy, I can hear the screaming in the car already.