Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Big E

Laura and I with Thomas' family went to the Big E in Springfield,MA on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day. We got off to a late start and didn't start driving until 10am. We made good time and got there by noon with a stop to McDonalds for fries. Then it took another 1/2 hr to go the last mile. Bad traffic. UUGHH!

Poor elephant. This was a ride. Very sad.

This was the petting zoo. The kids did not pet or feed the animals, (scardy cats)instead they just spit on this poor Llama.

Cream Puffs mustache

They actually had a pickle stand.

She ate this entire pickle and then wanted more!

Milking a fake cow.

Cotton Candy (no fair is complete without this)

The funny thing about this last picture is that this kid in the back of the car actually fell while he was in his stroller just before the ride started and his father just wisked him out and strapped him into the ride before the gates closed. He bawled his eyes out the entire time and Thomas kept looking at him during the ride while Laura kept "driving" and waving to everyone.

Overall it was a fun trip. I would have never done it if it wasn't for Laura and Thomas. The Expo was HUGE and we probably only covered about 1/4 of it. We did have our fill of fair food: fries, corn dogs, cream puffs, pickles, cotton candy. They even had these ginormous smoked turkey legs but that was a little too scary to tackle. By the end of the day, we were all exhausted.

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