Monday, October 16, 2006

2 year checkup

October 13, 2006

36 inches tall (about 95% in height)
25lbs 13.5 oz (about 45% in weight)
18.5" head circumference (50%)

The nurse taking the measurements said, "hey, she's 3 feet tall" and hubby says, "wow, she'll be as tall as you when she's 4!" doh.

She had such a good visit with her pediatrician. No crying, no fear, no anxiety. Finally, at the end of the visit, he asked if we wanted her to get her flu and MMR shot, I said "YES" and hubby said "NO". It was such a good visit, he didn't want her to leave with a bad impression, especially since she had cried with anxiety the last couple of visits and we could just get it next month.
We still had to get blood drawn by the lab tech for lead levels and to our amazement, she did not even FLINCH! She actually watched the tech as she was siphoning off her blood. She was so proud of her boo boo and bugs bunny bandaid. She also got a lolly pop and 2 stickers that she pasted on her knees.

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