Sunday, July 23, 2006

July 22, 2006

This weekend have been terrible in Boston. Rainy, drizzly, humid, yuck. Laura and her buddy "Omi" were planning to go to a small zoo called Buttonwood Park today but due to the weather, we changed plans and went to the Boston Aquarium. Apparently everybody and their mother had the same idea. It was MOBBED!

All in all the outing was ok. Laura wasn't really interested in the fish. She would probably have had a better time just hanging out with Thomas in a playroom. The large tank scared her b/c the fish are magnifide and in reality, pretty scary looking. She was pretty cranky most of the day.
We went to Legals Seafood for lunch and went back to the aquarium for another hour afterwards but it was completely packed by then and not worth the effort.

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