Saturday, April 01, 2006

3 to 6 months

Jan 3, 2005
Start back full time at work. Uughh. Laura's dad takes over the care during the day and works at night. I take over when I get home from work. This goes on for the majority of 2 months and then we started transitioning her to parttime daycare down the street.

Jan 14: Pediatric 4 month appt: 25 1/4 inches and 13 lbs 6oz. She gets shots which wipe her out for the whole day so we took advantage of it and went to see a matinee: "Million Dollar Baby". She slept through the entire movie.

Jan 23 (Sunday): In Boston, we get a blizzard. 2 feet of snow. Laura turns onto her stomach for the first time.

Feb 4th: Put a bid for new home. (Let the nightmare begin)

Feb 6th: Superbowl XXXIX. NE vs. Eagles (NE wins, I'm a Philly girl so I was bummed)

March 11th: Pediatric 6 month visit. 27 inches, 15lbs.

March 16th: Closing of new home ( 2wks past the closing date with LOTS of hell)

March 20th: Laura first fever/cold. 100.3, 101.7, 102. Go to doctor's next day for antibiotics. The cycle of being sick every 2 wks begins at this point with cross contamination and misery for everyone in the household (especially me!).

March 29th: Start partial move to new house. Laura is a little spooked at the new environment and does not sleep well.

Some things about Laura: Since birth she has been an astoundingly good baby. She started sleeping through the night at 3 months for 8 to10 hrs. It was so startling that initially I would keep checking on her to see if she was still breathing and sometimes wake her up to feed. (She definitely gets the sleeping gene from her father)

I pumped for about 4 months and stored a lot of milk in the freezer after trying to breastfeed the first week of her life and failing miserably. I was a good pumper and she would also go back and forth with formula as well. She was never fickle about that.

After starting work, I tried breastfeeding again. Just 2 times a day: before work and in the evening till she was 6 months. This brought me so much joy and I felt a real sense of bonding with her. After 6 months, I pretty much dried up. She had enough frozen breast milk for another couple of months where I would mix some into her formula.

At 6 months, she started waking up in the middle of the night so I fortified her milk with powdered cereal and she was sleeping through the night again. With the introduction of food, she still continues to sleep like a champ.

The only other problem that I can remember Laura having was the chronic cheek/ear itching problem. She never had an ear infection but she would just scratch her cheeks raw. We tried everything: gloves/mitts at night, salve, even putting adhesive on her face so that she wouldn't scratch through it. She eventually stopped at maybe 7 or 8 months without rhyme or reason.

April 7th: My parents came up to visit and stayed for 6 glorious days. My sister came up for that weekend. I wish they lived close by. I never realized how important family was until having a child. You can't just dump your kid on some friends but you can with your family. Oh, to have just a few hours of time for oneself. I missed it so much during the first year.

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