Saturday, April 29, 2006

12 to 15 months.

Laura at the 12 month checkup (and shots).

I always believed that Laura would walk early b/c even at 3 months, she would always try to stand whenever I would hold her. I thought she had strong leg muscles. However, she still does the crazy side shuffle to get around and she has become quite adept and fast. The other factor that I did not forsee is that she is an incredibly careful child. She is cautious with doing any type of activity so that may have been a factor in her desire to stand and walk early.

October 29th at 8:25pm. Hubby was at work. I was getting Laura ready for bed when we started singing "Itsy bitsy spider" in her room. For some reason, she decided that this was the reason to stand. She made several attempts and stood up by the end of the song. It was phenomenal.

The impending winter of Boston approaches.

November 7. Hubby decided not to go to work tonight and spend some time with the family. This is the night that baby Laura decided to take some steps. She has been doing well standing up but was such an efficient shuffler that I didn't think she would ever walk. Well, tonight she took her first steps and hubby got it on video. She walked from the refrigerator across the floor and we were both cheering like little school girls.

I don't remember when this happened but it was around this age. Laura could walk a little bit and also cruise easily. I had just put the tray back on the high chair but I put it at the very end of the chair. Laura pulled up on the chair and the whole thing collapsed on her. Uuggh. The tray part hit her mouth and she got a small gash. I know this is just the start of all of the things that kids get into but still... it was heart stopping.

December 17, 2006. I got Laura all dolled up for a Christmas get together at our home. We had a good mix of people from all different aspects of our lives. Laura was good overall. There were a bunch of kids around Laura's age and it just confirmed the fact that I have now become a "mother" and can never go back to the carefree single days. I just looked around in amazement and thought, "dear God, I never thought that my life could come to THIS." but it has.

Christmas Eve
Laura is 15 months at this time. It's Saturday and we were having lunch. Hubby was having a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. I figured, it should be fine to have her try it. Yes, they say to not give peanut butter till she's 2 years of age but her little friend Thomas has been eating it since year 1. Plus, we have no food allergies in either side of the family, yada, yada, yada. She must have had a teaspoon. She started crying shortly after that and I figured it was nap time and she was tired. She kept rubbing at her eyes. I took her upstairs and that's when I noticed the welts on her eyes and around her mouth. We gave her some benadryl. She was miserable and crying nonstop. He breathing started getting weezy so hubby left and get to the pharmacy. The 10 minutes that he was gone was frightening. She kept nodding off and I held her trying to keep her awake. Hubby came back with primatene mist (epi) and he gave her a dose. I pulled up her shirt and noticed a rash on her stomach and I said, 'we have to go to the hospital'. So Christmas eve, we spent at Faulkner hospital. By the time we got there (they rushed us in), she was back to her normal self, breathing better, walking around being inquisitive. By the time the doctor saw her, she was fine. She was discharged essentially with a presription for steroids and to go see her pediatrician (duh). Right out of the parking lot, we got a flat tire. What a day. Here's Laura after her nap, eating dinner with her eyes all puffed up. Poor munchkin.

It is somewhat of a tradition (since my family is NOT traditional) that we open presents together on Christmas eve vs the morning. I figured that this could continue with my new family. So here is Laura tearing into her presents after her anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter. Pretty resilient child, I must say. Thank goodness for Mr. W or she would have NO presents to open on these holidays!

Winter has arrived.


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