Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another lame event

There was a promotion at our gym sponsored by Radio Disney. The only reason I went was to try to get some free tickets to Disney on Ice. None of the regular kids that usually go to the gym were there so Laura was not very enthused. In fact, she was downright uncomfortable and held onto my leg at the beginning of this thing.
We started by standing in line for a LONG time to get this airbrush tattoo. Very pretty and with sparkles (I secretly wanted to get one too).
They had all these young people doing these stupid games and they only selected a few kids to participate so there was a lot of crying going on. Plus all of the trivia was on Disney shows which Laura does not watch. There was a craft table so Laura made a few things.

She participated in a few of the games at the end but she was not really happy. I kept asking her if we could leave but she still wanted to stay! Ridiculous!

Her team lost b/c the last kid on Laura's team didn't know how to bounce.

We spent the whole day at the gym. This event ended at 1pm. I put her in the daycare there for an hour while I played tennis from 1 to 2pm. Then we had lunch that I packed and then she went swimming till 4pm. Phew.

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