Sunday, October 04, 2009

The weekend

It rained all day Saturday so we didn't do much. We (actually I) cleaned up Laura's room. She did some writing exercises.
Then she watched a movie. A whole lot of nothing.

On Sunday, the weather cleared up some. She was invited to one of her classmate's birthday party at the Dedham movie theatre at 9:15AM to 11:30AM! It was "Monsters vs. Aliens". I wanted to see the movie but thought that a power yoga class was in order so I left her at the movies.

Her friend, Lilah was at the party too so Laura was very happy and didn't even want me to stay.
Then after a quick lunch of soup and bread at Panera's, we went back to the gym so I could play tennis and Laura could go to her yoga class! After we got home, Laura played with our neighbor's kid, Ashley. Finally, a girl in the neighborhood. She even gave Laura a bracelet for her birthday. How nice is that?! And do you know what Laura did?

That's right, she jumped rope. She's an addict. She's gotten a lot better after just 1 week.

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