Sunday, July 12, 2009

Packed Saturday

It was a gorgeous sunny day on Saturday.
This morning, Laura helped me harvest some Perilla leaves to make a spicy marinated Korean side dish.

Then we took a trip to BJ's and came home for some lunch. Laura wanted to make macaroni and cheese and put on all her chef garb to make it.

Then we went to the Summer Club. Laura ran into Ava, a friend from school! Laura could not get enough of this place. She was so excited to be here that she ran around like a wild child. She wouldn't even take a minute break so at one point, she was shivering because the water was so cold so I had to hold her down and cover her with a towel for all of 5 minutes before she ran off again.

Finally, we invited ourselves over to Kai, Noah and Maya's neighborhood cookout (yes, we crashed their party) where there were tons of kids and food. Laura played nonstop and we all had a great time.

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