Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Lazy Monday night.  We got into our pajamas early.  Laura watched a short video and ate pineapples by the Christmas tree before going to bed.


Yo sista said...

Is it time to take the Christmas tree down? We're probably going to do ours on Saturday. That will be a sad day.

Laura's mom said...

I can't do it! It's just so pretty.

minsuh said...

Why don't you do what our family used to do? We made it a tradition to take the tree down in February. You will know it's ready when the needles have all fallen off and the tree is a serious fire hazard.

Laura's mom said...

I could but guess who would have to clean all that up? Hmmm, Laura? yeah, I can only wish. She'd get a little needle in her finger and whine until she got bandaids for all of her fingers.
I think this is the first tree where I really loved the decorations. The ribbon is so Martha Stewart and gives it a little sophistication. I will be very sad when I have to take this down. Mind you, Laura's tree already got stuffed back into the attic.

minsuh said...

Yes, the ribbon is a nice touch. The force is with you.

I also forgot to mention that I especially like the pumpkin colored walls. Yummy.

I think that if you put gloves and goggles on Laura she can handle the tree by herself. After all, she's proven to be so good with the shovel and mop! The girl has mad skillz.