Monday, March 31, 2008

Another boring weekend

We didn't do much again. I guess I'm getting all of my strength ready for our upcoming trips.

This is tea that Thomas' mom gave me.
When you put it in water, it opens up into a flower. Pretty.
Laura did some arts and crafts this weekend.
She painted this one for Thomas.
Then she wanted to get in some practice for her American Idol debut.
Too bad that mommy's completely foregoing any funds to support her in this "art".
You may want to keep the volume low. It's a bit painful and I have no idea what she is singing.


Yo sista said...

That is funny! I love her. Hey, Ymo gave me that tea bud when we were at her house last year. It's jasmine tea. She was saying she wanted to go back to China to get more of it! Where did Thomas' mom get them? We should get some for her for her birthday coming up April 5th.

Laura's mom said...

I don't think it was Jasmine. It was more like a regular tea and part of it was wrapped. She got it from an online place but I don't remember the name. It came is little tiny red takeout boxes.

minsuh said...

Why is we talking about tea when we should be discussing the burgeoning musical progeny at hand?! "American Idol Kidz" anyone?

Of course my main concern is that the lyrics are totally unintelligible, but really, some of the best musicians of all time are unintelligible too. I'm pretty sure that I can make out the words "I don't like you..." That's good stuff.

Laura's mom said...

Groan. Did you know that her father's tone deaf? I'm hoping that maybe some of his athletic genes will pass onto her b/c that's what we're counting on to get her into and through college. American Idol Kidz. Brilliant but I get to be Simon (all the kids will cry! heh,heh,heh).