Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tommy came over

We picked up "Tommy" from school today because his poor father was getting some dental work.

They watched Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer for about 5 minutes.
Then came into the play room to cut paper because that is so much more fun.
I got them to eat spinach by using strawberry yogurt as dressing. Yummy. Well, Laura ate all of her spinach and Thomas ate about 4 leaves.
They had a good time together.


Yo sista said...

You need to get more video of them talking. They are too funny!! I like how yo hubby was telling Ahmi to not throw "ice" at Laura and she is clearly trying to throw it at him!

Yo sista said...

Why is there yogurt? Make me cry. Hahahahaha!!!!

Laura's mom said...

What I didn't capture was hubby yelling at Laura b/c she threw a second "ice" ball at Thomas and she had a meltdown crying. If you look at the picture of Thomas kicking the snow, she is watching him full of tears.

Seriously, we were laughing the whole time Thomas was there b/c of his hilarious comments.