Monday, November 12, 2007

New York trip

Laura and I went to NYC for a quick weekend trip on the spur of the moment. We drove down Saturday at noon and got there in 4 hours. Here is Laura in the car being a good girl. She slept for the last couple hours of the trip.

We met up with Ymo and took the subway to a restaurant in Park Slope for her birthday dinner with 13 friends and 3 kids.

Laura loved her spagetti.

So did Maddy.
No spagetti for Theo, allergic to wheat.

It was cold walking back.

Here is Laura at Ymo's house!

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Yo sista said...

Hey, you left the part out where you fell backwards on the subway when you were taking pictures of Laura and landed right in that guy's lap and everyone on the train started laughing. That was so awesome. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh boy. That was good. But what I forgot to tell you is, I see that all the time on the subway, so don't feel so bad.