Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quality time with Ha dah buh gee

We took a duck tour.
Laura was really scared of this T-Rex.

She got to drive the boat in the water. When the tour guide held the wheel so that she wouldn't drive into the bridge, Laura kept saying "I want to drive by myself" and gave him a dirty look.

We also went to Boston Commons and it was a gorgeous day but my battery died in my camera.

Bugaboo Creek for dinner

Saturday: Jamaica Pond. They fed the ducks and geese.
Laura met a woman with a parrot on the path.
JP Licks. Yummy.

It's good to see my dad and Laura spend some time together. Come back and visit us again, soon!

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Yo sista said...

They're so cute together with his Phillies cap and her Red Sux cap! Boy, she's wearing trendy jeans. Makes her look older.