Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Thomas came over for dinner tonight. Just before his arrival, I took Laura to the library. They were sellings used books so I got her 8 books for $4! As soon as Thomas got here, he immediately took out all the "new" books and started reading to Laura.

Corn, noodles and chicken/broccoli for dinner. Thomas ate each noodle by using his fingers to individually place a noodle on the fork and then shove the fork/noodle in his mouth. Needless to say, it took him a LONG time to finish his noodles unlike Laura who has learned to lean into the bowl and shovel food directly into her mouth, just like her mother.
Thomas and Laura ate all of their baked chicken/broccoli after some pestering from me.
They both watched "Over the Hedge" after dinner. I checked in on them periodically and after about an hour, noticed that Thomas was chewing something. I asked him what the heck he was chewing and he said "chicken". Ick! He was chewing that last piece of chicken like a piece of gum. I had to bribe him with a gummy candy to get him to swallow it!

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