Saturday, December 02, 2006


I took some time off to visit my folks in Philly. Monday through Saturday of Tday week. It was good spending some time with them. They had just moved into a smaller condo and the kitchen was still not finished. They finished it on Wed! We almost had to get takeout pizza for Thanksgiving!
Laura took to my parents well (since she hasn't seen them since last April) and was overall a "good girl" except for a few minor incidents of uncontrolled crying but I won't elaborate.

Laura with "hal muh nee" getting her nails done.

"ha da buh gee" and Laura

A visit to my friend, Missy and Mark. Laura with Aaron and Zoe

A visit to my friend, Shuchi and Jock. Laura with Jackson

Tday meal. Thanks mom for all the cooking!

Yummy cheesecake for dessert

A visit to my aunt and uncle in Silver Springs,MD. Laura doing a puzzle with my bro, Jimmy.

Overall a great trip. I was lazy with the photos. Laura was great with her grandparents until Thursday when my sister showed up. Then she just wanted to spend all her time with her auntie. She also got to meet the great grandmother for the first time. 86 years old and healthy as a horse. She was visiting my aunt/uncle in MD. The week went by too fast. I miss them already.

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