Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day weekend 2006

Laura and I were fortunate enough to be invited to New Hampshire to spend the weekend with Thomas' family. They have a townhouse/condo next to Loon mountain in Lincoln, NH.
We left about 7:30pm on Friday night so that the kids could sleep on the ride up. Laura slept but woke up once we got there (2 1/2 hours later) and stayed up for another couple of hours since she was not familiar with her surroundings.
The next morning, after breakfast, we went to Storyland which is a small amusement park geared toward kids. A kid's paradise, a parent's torture chamber. Anyway, we were standing in line for the first ride, which was a SLOW car buggy. Laura followed Thomas underneath the banister separating the lines. Thomas came back but Laura started booking. I had to crawl underneath and run after her. She, of course, took a spill and landed right on her face. Her upper lip was bleeding and puffed up. Poor kid. I held her for a while, put ice on her lip and then took her on a SLOW train ride around the park. She seemed to like that. We ended up going on the car ride afterall but it was not very exciting.

The best part of the park was a small section designated for smaller kids. It had the story lines like Peter Rabbit, Mother goose, 3 pigs, etc. The kids loved it.

Thomas especially loved the balls. Laura enjoyed herself as well but proceeded to take a big dump here.

By the time we finished with the park, it was around 4 or 5pm. The kids did not nap and it was really evident.
We drove back and Laura did not sleep. I now realize that when Laura is overly fatigued, she becomes a bully. She was hitting and pulling Thomas' hair all night. We gave them dinner, got a bath and put them to bed.

The next day, after breakfast, we went to the bear show. I can't remember what this place was called but it was close by. There was a SLOW train ride that goes to a dead end and then comes back to the station. The "theme" is that the train gets attacked by the "Wolfman" who is an overweight white guy in the "Mad Max" or the others from 'Lost' type of theme and shoots a fake shotgun in the air. Laura was clutching me the whole time more b/c she was afraid of the loud train. It was funny though b/c there were older kids, maybe 4 to 5 who were crying their eyes out from fear.

We then watched the bear show. It's apparently a tradition for like 50 years where this family trains black bears to do tricks. It was cute but nothing exciting.

We had lunch and then went outlet mall shopping. Both kids, again, did not nap until the ride back. We let them sleep in the car for about an hour.
We had dinner and then I drove back to Boston with Laura at around 7:30pm.
Overall a great trip.

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